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"My approach is holistic and is directed at improving health, well-being and quality of life"

Susan is a mother of 2 adult children and has been in Private practice for 15 years having worked in the National Health Service as a nurse and midwife for 30 plus years!

The therapies she offers are effective by improving the health, wellbeing, and the quality of life of her patients.

To achieve this she uses the VEGA HEALTH SCREENING method to assess imbalances in the body, such as hormones, food sensitivities, bacterial/viral, parasitic & yeast infections, mineral/vitamin deficiencies, chemicals and environmental influences, ie- mobile phone toxicity, mercury leakage from teeth, heavy metal toxicity.

The VEGA HEALTH SCREENING method is NON INVASIVE and totally painfree.
No samples are taken OR introduced to the body and it is totally safe to use on babies and children as well as adults of all ages.

Once an imbalance is diagnosed, Susan is qualified to offer remedial advice and treatments using both Nutrition and Homeopathy, and she offers a full telephone advice help line to support the ongoing treatment if needed.

Susan is also qualified to offer CRISIS MANAGEMENT in times of Stress, due to Bereavement or other LIFE CRISIES.

REFLEXOLOGY is offered as an “Hands on” therapy as it has been proven to be most beneficial for all chronic conditions, and highly effective for the use in infertility issues.