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Allergy Testing


Do you suffer from any of the following?

bulletJoint Pains
bulletMuscular Aches
bulletFood Sensitivity
bulletIrritable Bowel Syndrome
bulletSinus Problems
bulletSkin Conditions
bulletSleep Disturbance
bulletPoor Concentration
bullet'Glue Ear' or Tinnitus

Possible causes are:

bulletAllergy to an airborne substance
bulletIntolerance to certain foods or drinks
bulletDeficiency of a mineral or vitamin compound
bulletHormone imbalances, PMS and Menopause
bulletParasites, viruses, bacterium, mercury
bulletEnvironmental disturbances


Or do you simply want to feel healthier?

At the Northwood Holistic Centre, we use the VEGA Health Screening Method to find out more about your state of health, and to discover how you can rebalance your body. We can:

bulletTest for allergies using the Vega Method
bulletTest for vitamin / mineral / hormone deficiencies and food intolerances
bulletScreen to determine possible causes of imbalance within the body, which result in stress
bulletOffer complex homeopathy and / or herbal supplements to redress the balance
bulletGive full nutritional advice

The VEGA Health Screening Method is suitable for babies and children as well as for adults. It is non-invasive and entirely painless. No samples are taken.

Please click the buttons below to see what we can test for in Adults and Children.

Testing for Adults Testing for Children

Phone now for an appointment, or to obtain further information about this advanced and exciting diagnostic procedure, and to receive details of our full range of available complementary therapies.