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Pain Therapy


Are you suggering from any Sports Injuries? Do you want to heal more quickly?

I use the latest therapy from Germany that was developed for the Women's National Alpine Ski Team. Mitosan Therapy is a non-invasive therapy - totally painless to administer and may be used on children.


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Mitosan Therapy treats pain and fatigue  -  either acute or chronic - by transmitting positive electromagnetic radiation to the body. This promotes regeneration of the tissues, and gives energy directly to the cells.


The following conditions will be strengthened and restored:-


-         acute and chronic pain conditions

-         dysfunction in the joints and spine

-         wound healing after surgery and/or trauma, will be accelerated

-         ulcerated areas will be speedily improved

-         chronic fatigue syndrome, or post viral fatigue conditions

-         susceptibility to colds and infections

-         acute and chronic inflammatory conditions

-         poor energy and poor sleep quality restored

-         skin diseases and skin ailments

-         All sports injuries


Mitosan Therapy is given while dressed in a thin layer of clothing and only the shoes and socks need be removed.

MITOSAN therapy has been used with great effect by the GermanAlpine National Women’s Ski Team, who use this therapy to heal, re-invigorate and restore broken limbs, torn ligaments, cartilage damage, as well as the every day symptoms of coughs and colds, viruses etc.


A course of 6 sessions, half an hour each, is recommended initially.

Phone now for an appointment, or to obtain further information about MITOSAN Therapy, and to receive details of our full range of available complementary therapies.


MITOSAN is a registered trademark.