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"Good, clear presentation in a relaxed atmosphere, the seminar achieved its objective"

-- Employment Resource Centre


"Your presentations have been well received and popularly attended. Most notable was your friendly approach, depth of knowledge, willingness to help and advice and, of course, the popular practical demonstrations for measuring stress."

-- Watford Heart Support Group


"Delegates have all commented very positively on the trainer's skill and on how the programme has helped them cope more effectively with a demanding working environment. Three months after the programme ended delegates are still using the techniques learned."

-- Benefits Agency


"I found your seminar fascinating, and have been personalising so much of what you spoke about. You have opened my eyes to the possibility of change, and given me the tools to do this when the time is right. Thank you!"

-- Paul Merry


"Our little boy is so much better. No runny nappies since we changed the milk, and the water, to the brands you suggested. Considering we've been to several doctors and specialists, and no-one has come up with the answer! We can't thank you enough!"

-- Mr and Mrs Farthing


"Since you tested me on the Vega machine, I've been able to reduce all my asthma medication and inhalers. I'd never heard of 'Salicylates' until I met you, and now I'm familiar with the diet sheet you gave me, it is so easy to follow."

-- Barbara Simons


"I am still a non-smoker and I believe that I have kicked it forever, as even when my son was very ill and in hospital recently, I didn't smoke during that very stressful time. I have been saving 15 every week that I haven't smoked, and in January Simon and I will be celebrating our wedding anniversary in Paris, on the proceeds."

-- Mrs K Green


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